The Dead Sea is the latest film from Stuart Gatt and follows a group of Refugees that are returned to Libya after almost reaching Europe and is supported by Doctors without Borders and Human Rights at Sea.


After almost reaching Europe by boat, Emmanuel and Olu are returned to Libya and incarcerated in one of its infamous migrant detention centres where human rights abuses are rife.

Technical Details:

15 minutes, Red Dragon, Anamorphic Lenses


Emmanuel - Sope Dirisu   Olu - Joan Iyiola   Commander - Yasen Atour   Seydou - Peter Bancale   Nebiat - Maia Watkins   Guards - Fayaz Bakhsh, Hassan Khan, Mass Nokhas   Ahmed - Harman Singh


Writer/Director - Stuart Gatt,  Producers - Stuart Gatt, Kate Glover, Tabitha Breese    Executive Producers - Daniel Mulhern, Harry Schofield, Kelly Goncalves, Hannah New, Mark David   Cinematography - Yann Maritaud   Editor - Suga Suppiah   Score - Daniel Mulhern   Production Designer - Lily Faith Knight